Monday, August 30, 2010


So, in moving in with my boyfriend, I'm learning a lot about myself, and in many ways, about characterization.

My entire life I tried to be something I wasn't - I tried to be what I thought everyone expected me to be. In essence, I tried to be a cookie cutout of a person, which is a complete bore. I wanted to be smart, girlie, pretty, confident, cheerful, and yet snarky all at once. I never had a drive to go against the grain or to be the original I was made to be.

But in moving in with the boyfriend, I've realized that at some point the only person I can be is me, and he's beginning to see every quirk and strangeness that I used to be able to keep to myself. He's seen how I like to pour my milk before pouring in my cereal. He's noticed how I have a bad habit of NOT eating leftovers...depending on what those leftovers are. And that doesn't even count what he's already seen before now - like how I twirl my hair when I'm concentrating.

All of these quirks make me who I am, and I'd like to believe that I'm more interesting because of them. That's what readers are looking for in characters. They don't want to read about people who do everything right. No one wants to read about a girl who's always done what she's told, and always will. Hell, there's no story without conflict. Characters have to do the unexpected, and it's the little things that make them come to life.

Writers have to remember that when creating their characters. You have to let the characters be themselves, flaws and all. You have to make them dynamic, and interesting, and crazy if that's who they are.

Happy writing!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello all from New York!

So, my life has been a little hectic, hence my MIA status from blogging for a while. In a time span of three weeks I've gone to look at venues for my future wedding, picked a venue (post on that to come later), driven over 28 hours across the country to move in with my boyfriend, and gotten settled in a new city and apartment. To say my head is spinning is an understatement. During this down time, in which I'm job searching and relaxing, I came across something I never thought could or would happen to me - I lost my mojo, my juju, my groove.

It started when I first arrived. I knew that I needed to be spending my days looking for a job/writing. It's my goal to eventually write full time, so I figured now would be really great practice. I would get up, eat, job search for an hour or so, write for an hour or so, watch t.v. for an hour or so, and then start all over again. It was a great plan. Genius even! But as the hours went by I found myself drawn to the varying distractions this place provided.

See, my boyfriend (and now I) has a great place. And when I say great...I mean great. The bed's comfy. He has darn near every t.v. channel known to man. And the internet connection isn't bad, either. It's a great place to relax and let loose. But soon I found myself watching more t.v. than writing. First it was Supernatural, then Law & Order, Cold Case, more Law & Order, and lastly Charmed. And that's in addition to the normal shows I used to watch every day after work when I was in Houston. It's a crime show junkie's dream!!!

I'd look up at the end of the day and realize I hadn't gotten any writing done. None! So, I called a friend, Barbara, and asked her how she does it. She told me to make a plan that involved rewarding myself for the writing I got done with t.v. shows and relaxation. And it worked! I began to be more productive with editing and outlining immediately. Now, I haven't completely gotten my groove back, but I'm well on my way.

When it comes down to it, writing is supposed to be like any other job. You have to put in your work everyday, and if you keep at it you'll get the results you're looking for. So, I now have more of a schedule set, and if and when I get to do this full time, I'll be ready for those pesky diversions.