Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey All!!!
So, I've found myself at the crossroads that many authors face to when it comes to perfecting their craft: The art of writing vs. the art of marketing.

Many writers find the art of writing an easy skill to focus on. It's something we want to do, need to do. No one has to tell me the importance of determining my writing style, or of making sure I continue to stay in the habit of writing daily. And no one has to point out how much better my writing becomes when I steer clear of being wordy and focus on the properly plot points.

But when it comes to the art of marketing I tend to immediately feel overwhelmed and squeamish. What is the line between promoting a book and being a good ol' fashioned bug-a-boo? Let's be frank, no one strives to be that guy or gal who is on your Twitter feed every hour, on the hour, asking you to buy his or her wonderful book. Like I tell my new hires in orientation, you don't want to be the person who starts a job, guns blazing, talking about what needs to be done to fix a company (unless you were specifically hired to do that). So, how does one navigate the map of marketing without crossing this crazy line?

That's what I'm researching now, and I hope to find a resolution soon.

Happy reading and writing!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hey All!!!
So, I'm working on a new YA novel. When I was first outlining this story, I saw the love interest as an all around nice guy - the athlete who likes to take tons of photos in his spare time. The guy who tells everyone that he takes those photos as a hobby to "beef up his resume", but who deep down loves everything there is about photography.

But when I started writing the first major scene between him and my main character, I was surprised to find he's a bit more snarky and arrogant than I originally thought. It's not that that's who he is deep down, it's just that people have expected certain things from him for so long and he's started to believe the lies.

The realization of the layers to my character shocked the heck out of me...but it also filled me with excitement and amazement!

That's the joy of writing. Not only does it enable me to get all of these voices and stories and what ifs out of my head, but it also enables me to discover so many different lives and personalities. It gives me hope in people and keeps me in awe of our wonderful complexities. And that's something I'll always value.

Happy Reading and Writing!!!


Hey All!!!
I recently finished Focus, the second book in the Crescent Chronicles, by Alyssa Rose Ivy. Below is a blurb for the book:

Freshman year of college is hard even when you're not tied to the future king of a supernatural society.

Allie dives into college head first with Hailey as her roommate and the city of New Orleans as her backyard. As things within The Society heat up, Allie realizes that whether she’s with Levi or not, she's in far too deep to turn back.
I give this book 3.5 Stars.
I still love, love, LOVE this series. And this second installment didn't disappoint as far as giving me all of the let-my-brain-check-out hot romance that I enjoy.
In Focus, Allie has started her freshman year in college, with trusted friend Hailey as her roomie. She goes to class - though she does have a constant body guard sitting next to her in the form of Levi's besties and goons - and tries to party and have a good time. She also spends most of the book giving Levi hell for tricking her into a binding marriage of sorts.
But when Allie's life is once again put in danger by the other noble families - and with a internal threat exposed - she and Levi have to come together.
This book has it all - fun frat parties, the drama of starting college classes, fun nights out with the girls, and a hot guy who's being put through the ringer to earn love and trust.
My big issue with the book is that, like the first one, it's painfully short. The author could stand to expand on a lot of the situations and issues that present itself throughout the story. There's so many chapters where I felt the action was cut short, and I was left wanting so much more.
I will say that Allie holding her ground with Levi in this book was very much appreciated, and I still loved all of the main characters!
As said before with the first installment, I'd enjoy reading this book many times over!
Happy Reading and Writing!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hey All!!!
So, I didn't win the writing/voting contest...but I still have a few pokers in the fire! I'm not sure how everything will work out, but I'm hopeful that you all will see Cursed published in some form with some publishing house in the very near future.

In other news, I'm currently working on a new Young Adult novel, while working on a New Adult one at the same time. I've finally started to get my writing groove back, and now that I have it, I hope to never lose it again (but those of you who are writers know that isn't guaranteed).

So, all in all, it's been a pretty good few weeks.

Expect some book reviews to come your way shortly!

Happy Reading and Writing!