Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hey All!!!
So we have a review for a very nice story from Lynn Lindquist called Secret of the Sevens. My review is below:


In Secret of the Sevens you have a lot of the elements that make up a great story. There's a boarding school, a mystery, and teen angst. The only thing I needed for this to be better is for some supernatural elements to be added! 

Talan Michaels has grown up most of his life in a harsh way. His mom was more focused on getting her next fix than on making sure her kid was fed, and he had to deal with so many hardships. That all stopped when he came to Singer, a boarding school for underprivileged kids - many of them foster kids with no homes. Worried that he may be homeless after graduation, he accepts an invitation to join a super secret society with promises of riches and freedom in his future. Little does he know, this invitation is about so much more, and will change his life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I was sympathetic to the characters and the situation they found themselves in, and watching the teens solve the mystery was pretty interesting and fun. I liked Talan, though he did frustrate me from time to time. And watching him slowly realize his feelings for foster sister Laney felt natural and sweet.

My biggest issue is that I saw a lot of the surprises coming...for example when we discovered who was sending the clues to the Seven's rituals. And at times I found myself skimming. Especially towards the end when I got a bit tired of the clues and games, and was ready to get on to the reveal. All in all, it was a good story, with fun characters, and nice drama.

3 stars!