Saturday, June 26, 2010


As I'm coming towards the end of my edits for Fated, I'm starting to think more and more on whether or not my manuscript is truly ready for submission.

I read a lot of agent and editor blogs and one of the most common pieces of advice they give is to not rush things and to make sure your manuscript is in tip-top shape before sending out your query. And while most writers have this problem, there are some who deal with the issue of dragging their feet with querying, trying to wait for perfection.

I'm sure it's not the worst problem to have. At least the writer will know that every agent looking at their story will see something that's well written and polished. But if you keep putting the querying process off, you may end up looking back wondering what would've happened if you'd gone with your gut and put yourself out there.

My best advice is to work as hard as you can, put together the best story you can, and throw yourself out into the void. You never know what you've got until you get some feedback. Now, that doesn't mean that you send to agents/editors without having someone look at your work - critique partners and groups are a vital part of the process, and should never be ignored - but once you've written the story, had others look at it, and edit it many times over, then it's time to take a chance on the work you've done.

Now if I could just take my own advice and get on the ball.

Happy writing and good luck to everyone!


  1. You're more on the ball than most people I've met. ^_^ Find a happy medium between polishing and perfecting. I firmly believe that a writer never finds her work "perfect". There is always something to tweak. You just have to find a state where it's polished enough to let go, when you've read it through enough, put it away for a bit then read it again. You'll know. ^_^

  2. I agree with you...there is no "perfect." As long as you've worked, polished, revised, and run it through readers, you're on the right track. Your dedication is an inspiration!