Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello All!
This weekend I got to thinking on the different factors that affect a person's writing. In this industry there are so many hurdles for a writer to consider. Not only do you have to write a killer manuscript, but you have to go to conference and network, you have to work hard to get an agent, hopefully get picked up by an editor, and then you have to network and get the word out on your story to get that books off the shelves. It's a crazy and intense process that only the dedicated can even think on messing with.

If all of these hills and roadblocks aren't enough, writers have to deal with the everyday distractions that often can interrupt the flow of one's writing process. Let's see, there's the television, internet, the constant need to be reassured of one's talent....and normal things, like sleeping, eating, working out, etc. Hell, life is a constant distraction. But the one thing that can uproot the entire writing process is a writer's emotions.

Yep, I said it. Feelings can completely ruin the entire process. For me, it's hard to be creative when I'm feeling like shit. When nothing seems to be going right, it's difficult to focus on characterization and storylines. All I want to do is mope and quietly watch television...which is completely unproductive.

I remember reading about this happening to Stephenie Meyers when she was writing Midnight Sun, which was supposed to be the story of Twilight told from Edward's point of view. Her unedited and unfinished manuscript had been leaked on the web and Mrs. Meyers was so distraught that she couldn't finish writing it. She wrote on her website how writing while she was in that emotional state could change the entire makeup of the story, that the bad guys would beat Edward, and Bella would end up dead at the end. At the time I didn't get it. I mean, the book was already written. Couldn't she just take that outline and make it work. Forget her emotions, we were all salivating for Edwards point of view!!!!

Now that I've recently gone through my own bout of craziness, I'm realizing how futile it is to try to force myself to write when my heart isn't in it. For me, it's better to wait it out and let the bad mood pass. Then, I can get to work and move forward.

Does this happen to you guys? And how do you handle writing when your emotions are going bananas?

Happy writing!!!


  1. I have to cheer myself up before I can write again. Sometimes that's easy, sometimes, not so much. Knowing that the writing group is waiting for my next entry really keeps me going. We're always waiting for your next entry, too. You have fans, not just of you but also of your writing and we want more! Let family and friends comfort you when you're down.

  2. Thanks, Barb!!! It does help knowing that others are waiting to read what you have to offer. And with all the support I have, I was bound to get out of my slump more sooner than later =). I'm lucky to have all of y'all!!!