Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey All!!!
So, I've got a confession to make. I've developed a serious taste for romance novels. Paranormal Romance to be precise.

And when I say taste, what I really mean is a totally-bad-for-you, call-the-doctor-because-I'm-going-to-need-help-really-soon addiction for the stuff.

I don't know what happened. I was doing my YA and NA reading thing, when I suddenly got a taste for a bit more sexy-time. I picked up one - and I do mean one - novel with vampires and hot, hot, hotness between the pages...and became hooked.

I can't put them down. And I mean that. I've tried. Well, maybe I haven't tried hard enough.

So, I'll be adding some of those books into the reviews I'm working on for this week. The series I'm hooked on, if you're interested, is the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Not sure how J.R. Ward does it, but she completely grabs you with this intricate world she's built. The voice, the characters, the stories are all fantastic. And if you like sexy-time, you'll get plenty of that. A vividly hot plethora of sexy-time. The differing points of view don't even bother me. Well, except for the bad guys...I could be completely okay without having them in my head.

In other news, I'm in heavy editing mode as well. After 2.5 weeks of illness, I finally feel well enough to do some actual writing work! Hopefully the editor likes what I'm doing with the novel. I guess all there is to do is wait and see.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. So sorry to hear you were sick for that long! I got the romance bug, too, a few years ago, but mine is for straight up fantasy...with kissing...and swords. ^_^

    1. Thanks, Barb!!! I'm glad to be back in the writing/editing ring. And I'm glad you got that bug. We all love your tales and characters...especially Starbride!!!

  2. Glad to have you back on your feet! Read the 1st M. Marr book and am reading the second now...but you know I prefer my romance with regency flair. still fairies are cool...

    1. Thanks, Sarah!!! I'm a huge fan of M. Marr!!! Such a good series :).