Monday, November 25, 2013


Hey All!!!
So, as you know I've been devouring KDramas (aka Korean Dramas) lately, and after having finished my first two series I had a bit of a revelation about my own writing process and the dos and don'ts of storytelling.

The first two dramas I watched were the ever popular Boys Over Flowers (2009) and the sweet and wonderful Playful Kiss (2010). While I loved them both for different reasons, I had a difficult time finishing up Boys Over Flowers for one simple reason - they put my girl Jan-di through way too much crap! I mean really, writers? Did you have to keep throwing issue, after issue, after issue her way? I guess it's a nod towards their writing of a wonderfully loveable character that I got so upset, but that's beside the point. The point is, by the last four to six episodes I had to keep taking breaks from the show because I was all frazzled by what they'd be putting my girl through next (thank goodness for bloggers out there like Dramabeans who blogged detailed episode synopses or I'd have gone stir-crazy).

And it was through watching that series that I learned a valuable lesson. While it's a storytellers job to give his or her audience some drama and conflict, if you give too much you risk losing your audience all together...and that's no good.

While Playful Kiss did throw many obstacles at main character Ha-Ni, the resolution came at a good time where I was just at the breaking point of throwing my hands up.

As writers we all have to walk that oh-so-thin line between giving the conflict needed to make a story great, and overdoing it. I don't ever want to overdo it. So, I'll make sure to be mindful of just how much crap I put my main characters through. And hopefully will find a nice balance that'll keep everyone who'll read my fanciful stories happy.

Happy reading and writing!