Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey Everybody!!!
So, I've been out of the game for a while, but that's mostly due to me having to get my life back together. After a rough year, I've finally found a good and stable job that's fairly stress free, have a good man who appreciates me, and more room in my head to think of the awesomeness that is writing and creating =). I'm still working on getting my writing groove/schedule back, but I figured that will all come in due time, so without further adieu...

Yesterday some idiot in Africa hacked into my Facebook account. It didn't cause me too much strain, but it did make me have to go and change a lot of my passwords to protect my private, for lack of a better word, stuff. I was going through one of my old bank accounts and realized how drastic of a shift in pay I'd taken since my little...let's call it a New York and back. And it made me a little angry. Who am I kidding, I was peeved! And I mean seriously seething. With one motion I was reminded of everything I gave up and sacrificed, and of all the emotions that came with it. But instead of letting myself get caught up in the wave of it, I decided to note it, to jot down the physical and emotional effects of what I'd felt, and use it at a later date.

When it comes down to it, crap happens in life that you can't plan for. All you can do is learn from your experiences and move on. Me, I plan on using these events to make my characters more real and life-like, because that's part of my job as a writer. I'm not only supposed to come up with interesting story lines and plots that keep a reader on their seat, but characters that feel and react in a way that the reader can truly relate to. And that is how I plan on turning the proverbial lemon into lemonade!!!

How do you all turn your bad situations into writing gold?

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