Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hey All!!!

So, today I got slapped. And I don't mean the light tapping that you give your rambunctious two year, I got the real deal, knock the taste out of your mouth, good ol' slapping.

See, I participated in The Houston Writers Guild Conference today - side note, if you're serious about writing and live in the Houston area this conference is a really good resource - and they spoke a lot on the importance of social media and reaching out to your audience. The speakers talked about how you should build a platform and a brand and how talking to you all on a regular basis was something I must do...and all I could do at hearing that was to hang my head in shame.

I've never been good with the whole "social thing" as I liked to call it in high school. Sure, I was a cheerleader and all, but I got that mostly based off the fact that I had seriously sharp motions, killer jumps, and halfway decent tumbling skills. If it had been the popularity contest it was in my mother's day I would've been toast - no matter how sharp my motions or how superb my jumps were. The life of the party, I am not.

I started getting down on myself in the conference main hall, thinking on how I have this blog that I'm not good at updating and how I need to do better, to be better, and I had one of my awesome ah ha moments.

What I need to do is to put blogging into my routine. I need to have some time framed out at least three times a week to really focusing on you all, and on imparting some sort of information into the void. So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Come Hell or high water.

We'll see how this goes...and wish me luck!

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