Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hey All!!!
So, I recently read a really amazing post on YA Highway about how trying to get published is like hoping for one of the seats to turn around for you when competing on The Voice. It rang so true for me when I read it, especially given one of the recent rejections I'd received from an agent I queried.

See, I've been making the rounds in the querying game. I've done this dance before, mind you, but not with as much determination and resolve. The two previous times I tried to query, I found myself sending letters to about twenty or so agents. Each time I at least got one or two requests for pages, which eventually ended in rejection. Now I've always had good encouragement from those who've asked me for pages - responses such as, "I really like your writing, but I don't think the concept is unique enough for this packed market." Or, "You have great descriptions, but the market is too crowded." But there was always something - most likely my lack of true determination - that would cause me to immediately stop and decide to either do a major re-write or to shelve the story all together due to thinking the timing wasn't right.

This time, when I entered the querying fighting ring, I told myself that I'd be bold. I wasn't leaving this fight until I'd submitted to darn near every agent and publishing house I could, or die trying! But, unlike my other two attempts, I'm not really getting any bites - and that scares me a little. And there's nothing in form rejections that let you know if it's just that the book isn't in their tastes, or if you're a terrible writer and should throw your hands up now and quit forever (or just write for your kiddos and loved ones). So it's hard to navigate the ups and downs of the querying process and not get discouraged.

This changed for me a bit on last Friday, when I received what felt like my millionth rejection. I opened the email, waiting for the punch to the gut I'd come to expect, and found a light at the end of my tunnel. She explained that she liked my writing, but isn't a big fan of urban fantasy. She also encouraged me to continue and stated that she felt sure I'd have representation in no time!

So when I read the post on YA Highway about how querying is all about tastes, and how it's rare that every agent you submit to will ask for pages, or will offer representation, it really hit home for me. Even though this dream seems impossible at times, I have to know in my heart and gut that I'm good. It's all a matter of time, folks. One of these days, one of these agents or editors is going to recognize my awesomeness for what it is and will help me to make my dream into a reality. It might take time, and a hell of a lot of hard work, but I'm in for the long haul. And I WILL. NOT. GIVE. UP!!!

How do you all handle the querying dance? What motivates you to keep going?

Happy Writing!!!

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