Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello All!!!
I've done a post before about using the deep emotional periods in your life to make your writing better and more realistic, and wanted to touch a bit more on that today. You know that old saying, about taking the lemons of your life and making lemonade. Well I've always been a person who's taken that saying to heart. The title of my blog says it all - I'm an eternal optimist who's decided, against my better judgment and in spite of my sensitive nature, to trudge in the swampy waters that are the writing business. And I feel that you have to be able to take everything in your life - all the good, the bad, and the ugly - and use it for the greater good that is your writing.

Would you have rather not gone through the dark and twisty times in your life, of course! But when it comes down to it, how can you write about real life, whether you're writing a contemporary tale or putting a paranormal twist on it, without having experienced all that life has to offer.

So don't regret those bad decisions you've made. Try not to push away the anger and hurt of your past. Embrace the best you've been and the absolutely, positively, most stupid ideas you've ever put into action (we all have those, I promise you). Use it. Use all of it to create the most realistic characters that have real emotions and deal with situations that we all can relate to. Use it to make your writing even better.

Happy Writing!!!

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