Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hey All!!!
I was discussing the craziness of The Apprentice with my mom (who religiously watches said show), and we got to talking about Kenya Moore and how she's been acting on the show. Supposedly she's up to her normal tricks and mess, which hasn't gotten her any friends (her and Vivica Fox butted heads quite a bit), but she continues to get work. And that got me thinking...does karma really come back on folks?

I think in a lot of books and shows the folks who are awful, horrible people often get what's coming to them, but in the real world that's not often the case. So why do we often like to see the villain meet his (or in this case her) end? Because it personally vindicates us. 

That's why the mean girl in a lot of YA novels gets put in her place - even though that hardily ever happens in real life. It's because we are able to live vicariously through these stories and are able to see these representations of the folks who hurt us get their due. It's not perfect. Hell, it may not even be right. But I'll continue to gain a gleeful sense of satisfaction from seeing these folks bite the dust!

Happy reading and writing!

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