Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hey All!!!
So, I'm going to try something a little new and have some TV talk on the blog. When I'm not writing or working or working out or reading, the most common thing you would find me doing is watching a good show. Now, my tastes for entertainment vary depending on my mood and interests, and one of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds! This show manages to touch upon my obsession with abnormal psychology (I was a psyc major in college) and drama (I have to get it somewhere, since I refuse to deal with drama in real life).

What I love about this show is the fact that there's a new case every week, and the team does a great job of showing how the perp (perpetrator for those not into crime shows) became the crazy sociopath, or psychopath, or deranged individual that he or she is. I love how they break down the socioeconomic factors and relationships (or lack thereof) that caused the dysfunction to take over. Not to mention that the writers do a fantastic job of incorporating real life drama in the main character's backstories.

Overall, it's a great show and I'll be forever on long as you never, and I mean never, try to mess around and knock off some of my favorite characters (AKA Morgan, Reid, and Garcia). For more information on Criminal Minds, feel free to look here.

Happy Thursday, Y'all!!!


  1. I love Criminal Minds too. BUT Spence is my favorite character ;)

  2. Yay for Criminal Minds fans!!! And I absolutely adore Spence...but I'm nervous because they keep putting my boy through too much heartache =(.